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Sparking Female Brilliance

Guam women’s chamber of commerce

For women navigating business, alongside female trailblazers fostering community. 

GWCC is more than a hub, we’re a fusion of tradition and progress, offering essential resources, mentorship, and a dash of bold flair.  

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Join the ultimate community! Crush hurdles, seize opportunities, and redefine success in a world where confidence reigns, anxiety vanishes, and connections flourish.

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Women's business center

We’ve designed our space to match your hustle! Whether it’s a game-changing workshop, a must-have meeting, or a life celebration, our venue sets the stage for your success.

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More than an organization

At GWCC, we are a force for change, a community where your ambitions find a home, and your journey to success is not just supported but celebrated. Join us as we shape the future of women in business together.

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Primary Candidates Forum

Join the Guam Women's Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association in participating in our 2024 Primary Candidates Forum. 

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